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Default Re: DeSean Jackson to most likely be cut by Eagles

Originally Posted by GodfatherofSoul View Post
They were talking about this on NFL radio. Apparently someone had written an article talking about his "gang ties" and I guess the recent burglary spooked the GM. But, one of the hosts said the article is nothing but conjecture based on where he grew up. Jackson has released a statement countering the claims:

EDIT: He's never had any legal problems, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in that regard. He's still a douche though.
the host was james lofton and he didnt bother even reading the NJ article linked above, so he was kinda off base with his conjecture.

anyways legal problems are never legal problems if they are swept under the rug. nothing big here... just smoking dope and rolling with thugs like 50% of all the players in the nfl-

Despite his connections with reputed gang members and police interest in talking to him in connection with two homicides, Jacksonís supporters say he has otherwise comported himself as a model citizen.

Through court records, however, uncovered a previously unreported arrest that occurred in September 2009. Jackson was pulled over for having illegally tinted windows, police said, and during the course of the traffic stop, officers said they discovered marijuana in the vehicle.

Jackson was arrested for possession of marijuana while driving, disturbing the peace and operating a car with materials that obstruct or reduce a driverís view, according to court documents. The marijuana and illegally tinted windows charges were dropped as part of the plea deal and Jackson pleaded guilty to a disturbing the peace charge in April 2010.

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