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Default Pre Draft Roster and draft analysis

Based on what I see as competitive opportunities, we will draft 3 on offense and 6 on defense.
WR, RB, TE and 2 CB, 2 DL, and 2 LB
Will definitely need someone to return punts and kickoffs next year so a RB, WR, or CB would fill this need.

25 offensive spots
QB. (3)
Ben. Gradkowski. L Jones (if we do draft a QB, then we will know how they feel about him)

RB. (4)
Bell. Blount _______. _______

Bubble for 2 RB spots........should draft 1 RB
Alvester Poole. Maysonnet
Stephens-Howling and Felix Jones still available

FB (1)
Will Johnson

WR (5)
Brown. Wheaton L. Moore. ________. ________

Bubble for 2 WR spots.......should draft 1 WR
Heyward-Bey. Moye. Justin Brown. Danny Coale.
Collins K Moore Sampson

TE (3)
Miller. Spaeth. ___________

Bubble for 3rd TE spot
Paulson. Palmer.

O-Line (9)
T Beachum Gilbert. Adams. ________
G. DeCastro. Foster. ________
C. Pouncey. Wallace

Bubble for back up C/G/T spots
Whimper. Embernate. Hubbard. Snow. Browning.
Velasco still available
25 Defensive spots

DL (6)
Heyward. McLendon. Thomas
_________. __________. ________

Bubble for back up 3 DL spots...will draft 1 or 2 D-Linemen
Fangupo. Arnfelt. Williams.
Kiesel still available

Linebacker (9)
OLB Worilds Jones. Moats ________. ________.
ILB. Timmons. V. Williams _________. ________.

Bubble for 4 LB spots.....should draft 1 or 2 LB
Carter. Spence. Garvin. Wilson. So'Oto

DB. (10)
C. Allen. Taylor. Wm Gay. McCain _______ ________(could be a 5th Safety spot)
Polamalu. Mitchell. Thomas. ________.

Bubble for 3 DB spots.....will draft 1 or 2 CBs
CB. Blake. Ventrone Green. Smith.
S. Will Allen. Golden Dangerfield

Special Teams (3)


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