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Default Re: Owen Daniels agrees to deal with Baltimore Ravens

Lots of great points all around.

All things considered you pretty much have to believe that the Ravens are 'improved' or, at the least, smart for making the moves they did.

Their main goal is to build a functional offense around Flacco and they've made strives in that department. Their two biggest additions in that regard aren't some unknown rookies who may or may not be something, but rather short-term vets who are going to bust their ass in the pursuit of a title.

Compliments aside, the Ravens offense is still going to have to overcome OL issues and a possible deficient running game (depending on how the Ray Rice situation unfolds). Basically they have 2008-13 Steelers O potential.

Such being the case, them focusing on passing and adopting the philosophy of 'Flacco first' makes sense. The burden is on "The Brow" (TM) now.
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