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Originally Posted by CanSteel7 View Post
Being a Canadian myself, there is some good advise on here. Reading about the rules though, may actually cause you to loose interest very quickly, especially with all the technical terms that they probably use on the websites explaining them. Haven't really looked at them, but I can just imagine what they are like. You're best bet it to watch the game with someone who knows it and will be able to explain to you in laymen's terms what is going on and the rules at the same time.

The best time to watch is in the playoffs because the game gets faster, more exciting at the same time. Especially watch the first round match-ups because they are usually the best as well. I also love it when it goes into sudden death overtime-first team to score, wins! I have to say of all the sports, I really enjoy playoff hockey the most, followed by football, although, overall, football is still my favourite sport.
What's nice is the video clips for the rules that they have now (I posted the link somewhere back there). They show in game examples of the rules. But yeah, the best way to get acclimated to the rules is by watching the games. Most are not that hard to pick up.
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