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Default Re: Farewell, adieu, despedida, addio

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Steelers Nation is the site that is constantly having trouble with being available, so I assume it's that one. And they certainly have their fair share of mouth breathers.
Steeler Nation was the site I've gone to for 14 years. (It was also Fairlane's site, assuming it's the same guy.) I have mostly good to say about the site. The head admin is a hell of a guy; I've met him personally, as have many members. When the site goes down or needs work, he's on it. Good, good dude.

That said, the quality of posters there has shot through the floor. Some moderate, respectful posters have dropped off the rolls and now it's completely polarizing. Some are knowledgeable dudes who love debate. Some are ultra-blind cheerleaders who won't accept a criticism or question of the Steelers under any circumstances. (Well, only under their circumstances.) In fact, one of them has followed me HERE under a different name for the sole purpose of trailing me from thread to thread and trolling about Lawrence Timmons. Seriously.

I'll always love Steeler Nation, even if I don't like the direction some of the mouth-breathers have taken it in.
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