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Default Re: Raiders are going to Show up game 1!!

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Maybe you can explain how Lamont Jordan was a BACK-UP in New York to Curtis Martin and even HE didnt manage to RUN ALL OVER US.
You make alot of ridiculous comments on here Tha Rock - based on absolutely nothing.
You start by naming an individual on the Oakland Chaingang - then you tell us how he is going smash/run over the World Champions.

You live in cloud cuckoo land - still no different to most Raider fans.

I can tell this is your favourite part of the season - its about the only time you can count yourself UNDEFEATED.



First of all curtis was only the leading rusher and they wanted to keep him, they tried to resign him and he said no! Curtis martin is also a HOFer in the making! I live in no clouds but I can see that thats where your head is just becuse your a fan of the cumps. My favorite part of the season is agame time pasty!!
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