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Default Re: More signs point to Lions trading up for Sammy Watkins

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
it amazes me how these professionals fall for that shit. common sense should tell you that if a player is that physically gifted and isn't a college super star amongst his college peers, then most likely he's not going to fair well in the pro's.
do you think maybe it's just arrogance from NFL personnel ? maybe they think their superior coaching can bring things out of the player that their college coaches couldn't...
In any profession being able to figure out something nobody else can figure out is how to make your rep (and be financially rewarded for doing so).

But, as you note, assuming your team is smarter than everyone else about a player usually blows up in the team's face (see, e.g., Jamain Stephens

One crew that was smarter than virtually everyone else was the group who ran the Steelers' drafts from 1969 -1974. NFL Network has a show on the 1974 draft, this Wednesday at 9 p.m., in which the Steelers drafting 4 HOF players presumably will be featured prominently. In three more weeks the 2004 draft (featuring the Ben, Eli, and Rivers selections) is the subject.
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