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Default Re: G.o.T. who killed the king ?

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
so the tyrells would gain nothing by killing joffrey ? well except freeing margaery of course. unless they have some weird rule about marrying the next in line. if i'm not mistaken , i seem to recall that caitlin was to marry neds starks brother , but he was killed so she was then married to ned.

This kind of thing has happened in history. The first wife of Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, was originally married to Henry's older brother, Arthur. But he died some five months after the wedding.

But it isn't really a rule as such. Just that the reasons for having a marriage between two households remain.

In the GoT case, the Lannisters have the gold, but the Tyrells own vast expanses of farm land, which makes them the biggest food producers in Westeros.

That might sound boring, but the fact that armies need feeding has shaped history. It was one of the main reasons why the Central Powers lost WWI.

So the Lannisters need the Tyrells, and probably more than the Tyrells need the Lannisters. Especially with when Winter is coming.

There will be plenty of consequences yet unseen in the TV series that will come from the assassination of Joffrey, some intended, some not.

I have read the books, but I am being carefull that I don't say too much.
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