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Default Re: G.o.T. who killed the king ?

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
This whole thread qualifies as a spoiler lol.

Great theory with the necklace though. If Olenna didn't do it herself, she definitely had a strong hand in it. Those eyes don't lie! I would think their family has plenty of reasons to want Joffrey dead. I don't think having Margaery marry Joffrey was ever about her being queen, just a way to get this done. Feels like it was planned out for a long time. Will be interesting to see the reason(s) why.
lol....why is that ? you and i have both seen the same evidence and have the same knowledge of the events . all we can do is speculate and create theories. how can that be a spoiler if we don't know the truth ? i was still thinking there was a remote chance the pie was poisoned. now i'm not.
my first thought also was that it was the old lady until i rewatched the scene and noticed the guard, and distance she actually really was away from the cup.
as for her not really wanting to be queen , i have my doubts on that. remember she did marry renly who had a good chance of taking the throne , despite knowing he was a pillow biter. .. i believe the tyrells only motivation is about sitting on the throne. thats why i'm confused on why they would kill joffrey before they had an heir. if wagen is correct , then it looks like cercie is now the top dog.

cnew on the other hand has given us outside information which almost had to come from the books because there was noway anyone got that information from just watching the TV show. i mean seriously , who in the brief amount of time that they showed the neclace , counted the crystals before and after ?
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