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Default Re: G.o.T. who killed the king ?

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
lol....why is that ? you and i have both seen the same evidence and have the same knowledge of the events . all we can do is speculate and create theories. how can that be a spoiler if we don't know the truth ? i was still thinking there was a remote chance the pie was poisoned. now i'm not.

cnew on the other hand has given us outside information which almost had to come from the books because there was noway anyone got that information from just watching the TV show. i mean seriously , who in the brief amount of time that they showed the neclace , counted the crystals before and after ?
He got it off of reddit. And his is just a theory like ours. Everything he mentioned is in the episode though, it's just tiny details we didn't notice right off the bat.

What I meant by spoiler, is that if someone hasn't seen the episode yet, all they need to to is look at thread titles in the locker room, and the episode is spoiled lol. The only thing I didn't know from cnew's comment was that the poisonous crystals were called "The Strangler." I don't know how true the theory is either, having not read the books, but it makes sense. I don't see it spoiling any other future events, just explaining this one. Unless you didn't want this explained quite yet? I could understand that. I was already 99% sure the Tyrells did this though, it was just the how and why that I wasn't 100% on. Now I'm just a little clearer on the how. Not that huge of a spoiler if you ask me.
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