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Default Re:'s 2005 NFL Team Previews

Originally Posted by SteelersNation7
For us to win The Super Bowl...Cowher's going to have to stop being stubborn and make the right adjustment in the big game (When needed) stop running on first and second down EVERY single Time.....He did that a few years ago against the Pats and he did it last year against them...and it killed our Roookie QB...Ben was a sitting duck...because Cowher would not go against Steeler Football...Run,Run Run...even if it meant going to the Super Bowl..
Ever wonder Why Cowher hasn't won the big one yet????
I agree totally with this analysis. There is one school of thought that says you have to stick with the game plan that got you so far but I think that leads to you being a predictable side.
The Patriots thrive on being able to adapt to any given situation - you have to change your look to be able to stay with them.
In the same way we know what is going to happen to Peyton Manning every year we also know what the Steelers will bring.

Knowing this, of course, is no guarantee of winning - but it sure makes life easier.


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