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Default Pre-season Games

Howdy Steelers Fans,

I was just wondering a couple of things

1. Who are you playing in the pre-season and how important is a win in these games to the fans?

2. What sort of philosophy do the Steelers have in pre-season games - do they give plenty of time to 2nd/3rd stringers and do they mix the teams up or always play the reserves together?

I ask this because over at the Pats we seem to not put a great deal of focus into winning in the pre-season. I feel a little sorry for our back up QB Rohan Davey - he doesnt get many reps - and when he does its always wth 3rd string receivers and O-line.

I personally think it would be better to give him a shot with the 1st team and see how he goes - after all if Brady gets injured - these are the guys he has to play with.

Your thoughts would be appreciated


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