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Default Re:'s 2005 NFL Team Previews

I think that balance comes in time. To pass more often on first would require us to put more options in play as well. The TE's instead of blocking for extra protection would leek out allow a possible rusher(plus our TE were not pass catching pedigrees), or since Duce was hurt it would require Bettis to get to the outside for a swing pass or such(and he had that bizarre fumble deal last year which rarley happend before), so I like rolling the dice with the highest % of just handing off. Since NE was playing 8 LBS roaming anyway we might not have handle the screens as well anyway. Maybe this year, Ben can read and recognize a little better to allow some protection to go pass active to give us more balance. Does anyone know which 50% of the playbook we were using anyway? Maybe some of the balance was in that...
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