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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

To kinda change up the topic LITP, what do you think a player would have to do on the PATS to get that bonus that Troy didn't do? Just be younger or such? I think that is what sits uneasy with me. He did double duty cause he had a shot at that bonus(and true to help the team win), but now players know that not only are their contracts not a sure thing, but the criteria for that bonus money isn't so easy either. Just think it sucks cause those low $$$ players got bonuses based on # of plays invloved or whatever from the NFL and I don't think Troy was in that either. He should get a cut over a rookie that started half the season, yeah? Also if the huge contract is out cause of age or ability, you saying only 35K of bonus thank you money? If I was a NE player with a contract coming up I would double check my fine print before buying that car right? Was it you or DW that said losing the AFCC does eliminate all that roster bonus money problems! LOL.
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