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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

That bonus was part of an old contract of which this year was optional.
The Patriots decided not take take up that option because it would have cost them $5mil altogther.
The fact is that Troy done double duty because he is a team player and also because he has slipped down the WR hierarchy at the Pats - he is probably 4th/5th receiver right now.
Its impossible to be sure, but had Troy refused to do double duty I really doubt if he would have seen enough playing time as a receiver to hit his bonus targets anyway - our injury probs at WR were not quite so pressing, and BB would not have been too impressed with a player who has the ability to help the team and refuses.

What really lost Troy his bonus was in fact our injury crisis at DB.

Im sure that Belichick and Pioli have some complex formula balancing the needs of the team, the potential play time of the player and available cash, to work out exactly what they can pay a player.

Its good Troy is back at a discount rate...but do we really need him? No probably not - and certainly not at the value of his previous contract.
The odds of us being caught so short in the secondary again are pretty small - therefore we would have been paying too much money for a what is basically 4th/5th receiver.

This sounds harsh but thats how they operate.

On your second point, I agree that this could come back and bite the Pats in the ass - if players perceive the Head Office's strategy to be unfair then they will attempt to play hard ball.

Two things are currently stopping this happening

1. The Patriots keep winning - the thought of another ring is enough to keep alot of players pacified when it comes to contract time.

2. We have alot of strength and depth at key positions - this weakens the bargaining power of the player - see Richard Seymour.

Speaking of Seymour - he could hold out I guess, but we are shooting in the dark on this one as I have no idea what sort of negotiations are happening.

The problem with a successful side is that everyone wants a raise - in the salary cap era not everyone can have one.



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