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Default Some jokes I found

A little kid said to his teacher "My mom and dad is scared of the cartoons."
Teacher asked him "Why is that?"
Kid says "I really don't know. As soon as cartoon starts on TV my mom and dad runs over to their bedroom and covers themselves up with blanket, and starts trembling and shaking."

-What you've been doing chasing after the girls instead of doing your homeworks and school projects?
-That's not exactly what ...
-Don't talk back to me. I'm your father!
-I'm a father too.

Phone rang. The husband picks up the phone and started talking:
-Hello? Oh, mom? ... Yeah we had a fight again ... Yes, I remember everything you said before ... She IS a silly b**ch that I shouldn't have married ... I did try that ... No use ... And that too ... Do you wanna try telling her that, yourself? OK, let me get her. Kiss you ... And he turned around and said:
-Honey, your mom wants to talk to you ...

At the station
-Excuse me, may I ask you a favor. If it's not so much trouble, could you watch my bag for a moment, please. Yes, I understand, but it will be just a minute. I'll be back really quick. Oh, thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I'm just gonna kick that son of a b**ch's a*s who is standing right over there, make him eat his own s**t and be back. It will be only a moment. I really hope I'm not causing any troubles for you ...

Two puppies met in the street. First one said:
-Wof wof ...
The other one said:
-Meow meow.
The first one said:
-What the heck are you doing? You're suppose to be a dog.
The seond one says:
-I'm learning a foreign language.


Since I've been getting lots of laughter from you guys, I thought an honest man should give something back. I read this from Mongolian website tried to put it as nice as I could, translationwise. Hope these make sense.
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