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Default Re: Remember this?

i bet the nfl handed out a pretty big trophy for that, huh?

i remember the steelers at the white house and the parade in pitsburgh where cowher chanted "we dey"

i also remember the past 15 years of the bengals completely sucking. oh yeah, i remember a complete meltdown in their 1st playoff game in the last 15 years *snicker*. i remember an immature team and coach that doesnt know how to handle success. i remember a team that lacks depth. and who could forget that the bengals have no defense and pretty much suck. they are the poormans version of the vikings, cheifs, colts.

good luck with that!

(please dont cry if i scoff at your little youtube link - just be a man and take the deserved scoffing and laughture )

steelers > bengals

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