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Default Re: How Did You Become A Steeler Fan

OK, here's my story.

Back in 1975 (I was only 5 years old then), my brother and I were walking down the streets of our neighborhood in Mexico City. We came across a group of our friends who were playing a street pickup game of touch football. One of the teams was pretending to be the Steelers, and the other the Oakland Raiders. We asked if we could join, and well... guess which team I went to. I had no clue what the "Pittsburgh Steelers" were at that point.

After that fateful day I became intrigued and started catching the Steelers on tv occasionally and grew to love them. Of course, it didn't hurt that they were the best damn team in the NFL at the moment. But I'm no bandwagon fan, I stuck through the lean times of the 80s and the Stoudt - Brister years (and all the other bums in between).

I didn't attend my first live Steelers game until 2002 (monday night game at san fran) and since then I've been to two others: last year's game at Dallas, and my first ever trip to the city of Pittsburgh was the AFC Championship game. I even got interviewed by the Post Gazette (if you follow the link, I'm the mexico city guy, but not the dude in the picture).

And as for my brother?

Well, he became a Raiders fan (puke), but shortly afterward he jumped ship and became a Cowboys fan (double puke). In fact, we were watching Super Bowl X together and I fell asleep (hey, cut me some slack, I was 7!); when I woke up I asked my brother who won and he said the Cowboys. I was bummed and depressed the rest of the evening and all through the night until I saw the morning paper and realized the truth (none of this newfangled intraweb doohickey yet).

To this day, I still shudder at the thought and sometimes wake up in a cold sweat thinking of what could have been had I gone to the Dark Side that fateful day in 1975 on the streets of Mexico City.
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