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Default Re: Men's Fantasy Camp

I saw you around at camp, Carolina Steeler, but didn't know you were the one who posted on this board about this event.

My own experience I had a lot of fun. I'm not much of an autograph seeker, but if you were there were ample opportunities to get all the signatures you were looking for. There were 6 drills in total, they were as follows:

Wide Receiver Drills-Yancy Thigpen: He had us do a bit of stretching first, then had us running different routes, mostly slants, crossing patterns, and fly routes. Some stations had a number of interns who would work with you as well, since the pro couldn't really effectively run the drill by themselves.

QB Drills-Bubby Brister: Bubby taught us how to hold the ball and where to release, as well as how to square yourself to your target. When you followed his directions it was quite amazing how accurate the passes were and how tight the spiral.

Kicking-Jeff Reed: He taught us his kicking technique. Basically with kicking it's either you have it or you don't.

DB Drills-J.T. Thomas: He had us doing a lot of backpeddling and taught us how to recognize when a qb would be about to throw the ball so we could break on it. Also taught us how to properly turn and run with a receiver so you wouldn't get burned.

Line Drills-Jeff Hartings & John Banaszak: They first had us doing drills were you would run through blocking pads strewn on the ground to help simulate manuevering through traffic. Then we were on all fours moving laterally and rolling. Once this was done you borke out and were taught how to come up in a stance to block, and they let us go one on one with those in our group in a back on backers kind of drill.

Linebacker drills-Marcel Pastoor (strength & conditioning assistant); He took the place of Jason Gildon, who had a family issue come up and could not attend this weekend. He ran us throughobstacles back and fourth while tossing a football to us, and had us run through pads on the ground and a dummy to simulate getting by a defender. We were also taught how to do a couple of pass rush moves such as a club and a swat.

All of the alumni who participated seemed like pretty cool guys. They were all very approachable and would shoot the breeze with you about whatever. Another unexpected thing for me was the comraderie and brotherhood you got with the guys who attended the camp. The guys that do this seemed like they were all friends. There were also quite a few opportunities to imbide in beer, if you're a drinker. If anyone is on the fence about going and you have the funds, I say it's a great time. One word of advice, though, bring sunscreen. I got quite cooked.
And, when you wake up Sunday morning you'll feel like you got hit by a truck from these drills.
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