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Default Big Ben is da man!

I hear a lot of people (Bengals and Browns fans) say that Big Ben's success in his rookie year was because he was surrounded by a great team. Do they forget that same "great" team went 6 and 10 the year before? Do they forget the Steelers were 1 and 1 before Ben took over and led them on a 14 game winning streak?

I also hear a lot of people (Bengals and Browns fans) say that Ben's QB rating, and success was because of the run game, and the fact he did not throw as much as other QB's..... He was just a rookie, and all he can do is throw when called on. He was very efficient! If there ever was a stat in the NFL that shows efficiency it is the QB rating.

I understand that Ben throwing the ball too much his rookie year would have likely resulted in a bad thing. That said.....Of the 12 teams that made the playoffs the QB's averaged 501 attempts....Ben was well short of that at 295.

Using basic math.... here are Big Bens stats with 501 pass attemps.....

(332 Comp. - 66 Comp. % - 4448 Yds. - 8.9 Yds./Att. - 29 TD 18 INT)

I don't think he would have done that good, but it certainly says something about what he was able to do as a rookie, and what he may be capable of in the future.

Since it is the BF.....I did the math on Carson Palmer with 501 pass attemps.....

(305 Comp. - 61 Comp.% - 3361 Yds. - 6.71 Yds./Att. - 21 TD - 21 INT)

No logical Steeler fan expects to go 15 and 1 again....nor do we expect Ben to improve on his 98.1 QB rating. Noone can predict the future, but you must give credit where credit is due.....

Congrats to Ben on an amazing rookie year.

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