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Default Re: Evgeni Malkin Staying or Coming?

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
"Mr. Putin, give us our draft pick"

I'm confident Malkin will be sporting a Pens jersey next season. I have been confident ever since Tretiak took over. But can the Russians just agree to the agreement? We are talking about hockey players, not nuclear arms.
LOL! Maybe GWB could invite Putin to another good old Texas BBQ at the ranch and while they're slobbering rib sauce all over each other, he can tell Rutin-Putin to get off his ass and get in touch with the powers that be at the Federation and give us our guy, damn it.

I really hope Malkin can get over here this year. I think this kid is amazing and will be a tremendous asset to the team. Besides - I want to get a Malkin jersey, gosh darn it.

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