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Default Re: Pens' Announcer Mike Lange Fired!

Originally Posted by HometownGal
Some Lange-isms:

Book 'em Dano

Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too

Call Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek.

Donna needs a donut

Get in the fast lane grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll.

Get that dog off my lawn

Go ahead....Make My Day.

Great balls of fire.

Hallejulah Hollywood.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoots and scores.

He doesn't know whether to cry or wind his watch.

He's smiling like a butcher's dog.

How much fried chicken can you eat?

I'll be cow kicked.

Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has just left the building.

Let's go hunt some moose on a Harley.

Look out Loretta.

Michael, Michael Motorcycle.

Never teach a pig to sing.

Oh no, Eddy Spaghetti.

Scratch my back with a hacksaw.

She wants to sell my monkey.

Stop the press.

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog

You would have to be here to believe it.
That's an impressive list. One I'll never forget from the glory years - He beat him like a rented mule!
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