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Default Re: Whats More Important ??

I would have to say that winning the big one is much more important than extra money - but then show me a fan of any NFL team who doesn't say the same.
The problem is that the players do not live on the same planet as us - right from day one they are taught to equate their reputation with dollars in the bank.
It is clear that they earn millions and shouldn't need the extra money - but we see over and over again that players will hold out if not given what they want.

Over in Patsville we are faced with the prospect of losing our best d-lineman because he is threatening not to fulfil his rookie contract and wants more money.

It is also an ego thing - I am quite sure alot of these players think that THEY are the reason for their teams success and if they move then success will shortly follow....a good example of this NOT happening would be Ted Washington taking the extra dough to go play in a below par team in Oakland.


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