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Default Just Returned From Camp

I was so exicted to get to take two days of camp in while visiting family, thanks to my Gram for having her 80th bday party at a good time. Friday night my Dad took me Steeler Hunting...thought it was werid, but fun. We didn't have much luck to begin with, but at Dino's I did get to see the Super Bowl ring on author Bob Labriola. He is a very cool guy, and that ring is massive!!! My Dad then took me over to Spit Fire, he said Cowher always goes there. I was too tired and was ready to go home (no sleep for 24 hrs), and who walks in..Cowher. I am in my jersey, because I am excited for the season and this is as close to it as I may get. I was told to go over to Cowher, but I wanted him to relax with his coors light. Then my Dad said I'd regret not going over. So, I did, I said crongrats and wished him well for this season. I have to say it was really cool, maybe I am a dork.

Then I went to camp on Sunday and Monday, I had a great time. I got a few autographs and some really cool pictures. My little cousin hit Fast Willie in the head with a football, he felt really bad about it. All and all camp was an awsome experince and I was glad to get the chance to go out there.

For the rest of my time out in PA, I went around the Burgh and to a Pirates game against the Braves. Now, I need to get my job to transfer me out there. I miss that place, and of course more of my family is moving back. If anyone else headed out to camp, hope you all had fun. Here We Go Steelers!!!
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