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Default Re: Big Ben is da man!

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I think you will find that a bit of arrogance is a pre-requisite for a professional sportsman - everyone (including fans) is looking for a chance to lay a bit of smack on em, and they need the self belief to go out and perform week in week out.

Its becoming amusing now looking at these debates about who is the best QB when they have a combined 2 seasons playing time between them.

Both are talented - both have got a lot left to prove.


I actually couldn't agree more. I can definately understand where BB2W is coming from, considering we live in Dayton, OH and are surrounded by Bengals and Browns fans. They can really get under your skin at times. I still really wish the debates would end, at least until the season starts! And really we won't know who has a more sucessful career for years to come! BB2W did do a great job and brought up something that I have not seen any other posters in any boards bring up, so at least something new was brought to the table...GOOD JOB BB2W.
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