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Default Re: Just Returned From Camp

sounds like you had a good time, Cali! did you go into the Steelers Experience area at all? if so you probably saw me, I work in there. that sucks that you didn't see any Steelers out and about...what time did you go to Dino's?

as far as getting autographs at camp, there's no guarantees. people wait down at the bottom of the hill then when the campus opens at 1:30 they run up to get a prime spot up near the locker room. I have no idea how early they get there, but there's usually quite a few people (it's amusing to watch lol) even if you do get into that area (the "designated" autograph area) there's no guarantee b/c there's so many people up there. my advice is go early (if you can) and try to get at the very top of the steps, a lot of the guys stop there. also, if you want Cowher's autograph he signs in the Steelers Experience area (on the baseball field) for a half hour after practice. people are pretty crazy about that too soon as the Experience opened at 2 today we had a family get in line with their lawn chairs. usually the line is cut off before he even gets over there but if you get there by 5 I'd think you'd be guaranteed an autograph.
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