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Default Re: 2006 preview: Top 100 Heisman candidates

Originally Posted by Lyn
Is it true that a player must be on a winning team to win the Heisman? I know that is the excuse given for why a player here did not win and I would be interested more of a well rounded answer than a blatent "he will not win unless he is on a winning team"
PR has a lot to do with it. IMHO. I think back to the year when Gino Toretti 'won' it. This was when ESPN was in the early stages of being a 'factor' in college football. I recall video of Lee Corso and Toretti cruising the Miami coast on someone's yatch - probably owned by Miami Alumni.

Meanwhile there was Marshall Faulk at lil' San Diego State. He got dog robbed. But he got justice to the tune of several millions of dollars in the NFL. But I'd still like to ask him about that sham.

Brady Quinn and Troy Smith are on high profile teams. They will have winning records. And their respective monster-sized PR machines will be dueling all season for the Trophy.

And Michael Bush at lil' Louisville will be this years Marshall Faulk. Except to his credit...he's on the right side of the Mississippi River. Faulk was on the wrong side.

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