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Default Marino almost a Steeler???

I heard about this on ESPN radio today.....

Marino said he had the chance to continue playing for his hometown team in Pittsburgh after being released by the Dolphins in February 2000 but turned it down.

"[Steelers coach Bill] Cowher called me about playing, but I had to make a decision in a couple of days because he already had a guy he was going to sign," said Marino, who also was courted by Minnesota. "I can't even remember the circumstances. That would have been nice, too. I just kept thinking back at the time how my body felt the year before. For me, there was something special about playing 17 years at one place, and I think that is never going to change. Although I was pretty close to doing it, it just didn't feel right."
I don't remember hearing about this. I think the "guy he was going to sign" was Kent Graham. Hmmm.....Marino or Graham.
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