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Default Re: Big Ben is da man!

Originally Posted by bengalsfan21
As a homer I have to say Palmer will kill in stats this year....And well thats it, O wait you guys just wish you had CJ too throw to.

Stats, stats , stats. . Stats aint shit. How about this stat. wins 15-1. Led us to the AFC championship game. Yes led! Do we have a great running game. Yes , you bet your ass we do. Does this help Ben , damn staight. Do we have a great O line , Damn staight we do. Does this help ben, Of course it does. We have damn good receivers too, and they help ben win.
Does are defense kick ass. Damn straight it does. It also helps win games.

All I every here out of you Cinci fans is " Ben didn`t win those games, it was the running and the defense" You pretenders need to stay home! You guys would give your left nut, if you had one, to win 15 games and go to the AFC championship game.

Recent Superbowl winners. Pats last three of four. Good passing game great defense. The Ravens a few years back, no qb, and great d, and great running game. I`ll take that anyday.

Will Ben beat the Bungholes all by himself? Not everytime, sometimes he will, sometimes our defense will stove your asses in the ground, sometimes will run the ball down your throats, but we win, and will continue to win. With a 15 year drought since your last playoff game, you guys are starting to see a mirage " Oh look its a playoff game and the Bungles are in it" Ooops NO not really its just a mirage, its the Steelers and Pats, my bad.
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