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Default Re: If I were single.....

Boys look...Im gunna give you some advice. Most of us girls don't mind if you watch football. For the most part we understand the obssession. My father loved football and he passed that on to his children. I always swore I would never hold it against my man if he watched football on sunday. He works hard and he should have that time to do as he wishes.
BUT...(you knew it was coming!)
We do want something in return. We want you to take us out and spend time with us. If we want to watch with you then we should be able to ask a question about what is going on and not made to feel stupid (at the commerical break or during the next game). We'll fetch your beers and drive your drunk ass too and from the bar (at least us cool chicks will). But please for the good of the relationship. Don't make us feel dumb if we have a question. Most relationships are based on give and take and for most couples this is one of them (your rolling your eyes right now...but some guys dont know that!).
"It seems every year there is some reason they are trying to doubt me. Small school, I was playing as a rookie and now this. I?m looking forward to proving to people that I?m up to the task."
~Ben Roethlisberger~

He's ready, Steelers fans. His ordeal over, his return will be complete come Saturday in Arizona, when football again becomes the focus and a career briefly interrupted resumes.
~SI aticle 2006~
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