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Default Re: Manning Taunts Brady With ESPY Award.

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58
I wish it was real....I hate Tom Brady and I'd love to see his face get rubbed in some sh*t.

Hate is such a strong word. Why would you hate Tom Brady? This guy exemplifies everything that is right in a football player today. He is a classic overacheiver who had to earn his playing time in the face of the golden boy at Michigan and then earned his way from the bottom to the #2 in the QB chart and waitied for his time. Bledsoe got hurt, and this kid did everything his coaches and teammates asked.

In addition, he causes no issues off the field, took far less money to stay with his team (hello loyalty), always defers compliments to his teammates and takes the blame when things go wrong.

There are so many other athletes that hate could be used for like T.O., Randy Moss, Ricky Williams, Shockey, etc.. I guess it's me, but I used to remember the day when Brady's attributes were a thing to admire, not the me-first attitudes of todays athletes. We used to root for an underdog. Guess not anymore.

But go ahead, keep "hating" Brady. I could see you not rooting for him, and not liking the fact that he is a part of a team that has caused you a bit of recent playoff loss, but overall, the guy is pretty decent.
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