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Default Re: Evgeni Malkin Staying or Coming?

Again I find myself not really sure what to make of this whole thing. The majority of the time I found myself very confident in Malkin's debut this year. The whole "two week notice" statement was complete B.S. in my opinion. If that was the case we could have had this kid a long time ago. If this ends up playing out this way, definitively for this year, then I think it probably came down to Malkin not wanting to leave on bad terms.

What I really don't get is Velichkin's actions in this whole thing. On the surface, this appears to be some kind of compromise that allows Malkin to give another year to Mettalurg and then be free to pursue his goals in the NHL on good terms, but I just do not trust Velichkin. Even if Russia got a more favorable transfer agreement offered to them, their supposed goal was to improve their league, so you would think Velichkin is going to continue to do everything in his power to keep Malkin as long as possible.

This also brings me to question whether there was actually any kind of handshake agreement that Malkin could leave when he wanted. If there was, further reason to not trust Velichkin. If there wasn't, maybe he will actually let Malkin go when he wants. His statements about this whole situation have been a little unsettling, and I don't really think he has ever committed himself to one line of thinking or another. Furthermore I don't really think the RHFs motives have ever been very clear in all of this.

Something about this contract business just doesn't feel right. Mettalurg does not want to let him go for nothing now, but is willing to let him go for nothing next year? I'll believe it when I see it.

No matter what does happen, if Malkin ends up staying, Brisson better be smart enough to have him serve his "military" duties, because that is one card that hasn't been pulled in all of this yet.

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