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Default Re: U.S. Patent Office cancels multiple Redskins trademarks

It's funny, as the world propels itself towards more and more conflicts, the gap between richer and poorer here and everywhere else, fuel shortages to come, millions starving to death, slavery and exploitation rife in parts of the world - what do people shit the bed about?

Names of sports teams.

The absurdity and naivete of the political correctness generation astonishes me, egged on by govts and elites and the rich and powerful all the way i'll add, to ignore real issues and to make themselves feel better and sniff their own farts with their 'look at me i'm a caring human being' self-aggrandizing bs.

This is nothing to do with native americans it is to do with guilt riddled (all self inflicted) feeling good about themselves.

Do they give a flying fuck about starving africans and the rape of their continent over hundreds of years? nope.

But they're all butt hurt to hell over the Washington Redskins. It;'s all about THEM. Govt's etc laugh their asses off and these fools.

And i'm a left leaning liberal.
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