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i hope that madden this year will be fair to all teams including the steelers. not that it defines a player by how good his overall is on madden but i think willie parker deserves some respect along with jeff reed and ike taylor. for all who play you would know that these guys have been underrated on madden. forget willie right now becuase i know 06 was his first season and you cant make a rookie amazing, but for some reason jeff has been very unaccurate on madden. nothing extreme but not quite what it should be. and ike taylor on madden just isnt good at coverage,catching,speed,strength or anything that he is really good at. but here is the thing, willie parker was a 75 and probably will be a 88 or 90 but Larry johnson will be a 98 or 99 because of one good season. im not saying make willie better but give larry time.if u took time to read this u have to reply.
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