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Smile Steelers fan in Iowa..

what's up Steelers family ? I've been a Die-hard Steelers fan since the day I was born.(my father die-hard fan)So like father like son. When people ask I tell them since '78 becouse that's when I began to understand everything about football not just Td's and first downs. I could remember as a kid on my side of the room was filled with black and gold and my brothers side all Dallas crap. I was born and raised in Elizabeth NJ North Jersey about 13 minutes from the Holland tunnel, I traveled the country Hitchiking across country a few times did Gratefull Dead tour from'93 to '95 then jerry died so i did some Phish and Further tours until '00. now that I'm older besides work I devote all my time to sport's either play'n or watching and since I'm getting up there in age I havent picked up a skateboard in about 2 years so mostly I devote my time to reading Star Wars novels and following the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are what keeps me breathing there what determins how my week is gonna be, there what my life revolves around and you know what that's not a bad thing at all.....Steelers513.
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