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Default Re: Preseason rankings: AFC

here is my take on the AFC power battle.

1. Patriots - still the best til someone proves otherwise - will be one of the hottest offences in the league this year. Brady's tangibles have been growing every year. Blessed at WR, stud RB and competent O-Line.

2. Steelers - showed enough last season to show they are back with the big boys - even with the predicted slight drop off in efficiency of their sophomore QB - the Steelers will have gained confidence from their record breaking regular season. 2nd only to the Pats in beating the big teams. Dismantling the Pats and Eagles back to back was THE achievement of last years regular season.

3. Colts - Indianapolis is at 3 - because quite simply, in a head to head with Pittsburgh i'd take the Steelers 85 times out of 100. Inept in post season - and will continue to be until they face the fact that it is not their defence that is mis-firing in the playoffs.

4. Ravens - D wins the big games and not many teams do 'D' better than the Ratbirds (this nickname is copyrite co-owned by Bengals and Steelers fans) A simply fearsome unit with star names in just about every position. Boller needs to do just enough to keep opps from ganging up on the run. Thes are my official outside bet for the AFC (and by default probably the SB too)

5. Chiefs - finally made a few additions to their D to lift them out of 'embarrasingly bad'
This offence is still going to pile up points but wont like life outside the dome come the cold weather.

Good post BTW Prosdo.



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