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Default Re: The guys at EA Sports REALLY need to learn how to spell...

Originally Posted by cbalke
the sad thing is this will only ensure a deterioration of quality. no competition means they can put out a piece of crap for $59 and we have no other option if we want to play football. absolutely sucks. truthfully, i though 2k5 played WAY better than madden05

I agree 100%. I had NFL 2K5 for XBOX and it was probably one of the best football games ever. The presentation was unmatched. It even had sportcenter highlights!? That is just sick...and now Madden just teases us with like one new feature every year instead of just adding a ton of new features for a new gaming experience. I don't know....I hate but I know I'll buy the game no matter what; as I said before it's a no win situation...
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