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Default Re: Whats More Important ??

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Hey B21 - the old old Corey Dillon story line seems to bring out the bitterness in some Bungles fans.
I will go along with Bigbensgirl7's take on this one - putting up excellent numbers as a RB while your team shows absolutely no sign of improving must be one of the the most demoralising things for a player to endure.
Dillon could have handled the situation better I grant you - but the way your fans turned on a player who was the lifeblood of your franchise for many years was a pretty poor show too.
We had no end of Bengals fans gloating that we had just bought ourselves a 'cancer' with our trade deal for Corey.....didn't turn out that way did it?
Its amazing how much difference winning more than 6 of your regular season games will make to a players morale.
I think its safe to say both teams come out ahead on this trade - you got a promising young safety in Madeiu Williams (I believe this is correct) with the 2nd round draft pick and focussed on an excellent young RB in Rudi.

I have to say I think you are changing history in retrospect - the team that Rudi is part of is far superior to that which Corey was stuck being a part of.
How Dillon put up all them 1000yd years with such a terrible all round side is anyone's guess.
Dillon is one of the 5 best backs in the league - currently.


I agree we both made out with the trade, The only thing that ticked me off was he was on tv downing the bengals and rudi then he said he didn't down them, I seen both shows....And read the papers, That to me is no class.... But to other ppl it might not mean a thing. Also when he threw his stuff in the stands before he was even traded or released was poor class...I won't say I hate the guy I just disagreed with his actions like you stated.
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