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Default Re: Preseason rankings: AFC

1. NE

No Comment needed

2. Kansas City Chiefs

They beat the Colts last season with the pourous defense, think how well they will do after handing out over 100 million dollars of contracts to the defense.

3. NY Jets

Face it Steeler fans they beat you last year, plain and simple, just a bad kick costed them a win and a first round exit to you. They drafted a kicker to solve that, plus they got even better with the acquisition of L. Coles.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

A good young defense, coupled with an offense who has added Matt Jones and T. Henry, and you got a team that can compete for a superbowl

5. Cincinnati Bengals

The most deadly offense if the league, just got better with the adittions of C. Henry, and return of C. Perry to a full bill of health. The defense will also be better with M. Williams coming on strong, and new play makers O. Thurman and D. Pollack.
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