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Default Re: Evgeni Malkin Staying or Coming?

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
Well, the only FA centers on the market now are.........

Jason Allison (31), Yanic Perreault (35), Trevor Linden (36), Jan Hrdina (30), Greg Johnson (35), Jim Dowd (37), Boyd Devereaux (27), Erik Rasmussen (29) and Clarke Wilm (29).

IF they're sure that Malkin will be here after this season...,

I'd almost rather see them look to someone already in house (Malone, probably). At the very least, I'd rather see them explore a short-term solution rather than give up something significant to get someone like Gomez who many would like to see grab from the Devils, (And I won't even discuss the fact that it's going to take a lot more than a marginal defenseman and a marginal prospect to get a player like Gomez. I understand they may have to move him, but LL isn't going to take pennies on the dollar like that. He'll find someone who has a prospect or two that fits their system and make a deal there.)

If you're going to bring someone in from the outside, it doesn't make any sense to me to get someone who would factor into the depth chart on the top two lines past this year. That's why I'd nix the Gomez idea. I'd rather spend the money on someone who can be had for a one-year, low-cost deal - someone like Greg Johnson or Yanic Perrault. I'll pass on Jason Allison (his injuries worry me) and I'm not sure about Hrdina. He had confidence issues back when Hlinka and Kehoe were coaching. I can't imagine he'd do too well under Therrien.
Well, there is a story where Sergei Gonchar has said that Malkin told him he was staying in Russia for one more year - I'll post the link here. So we know for sure that he will be here next season, and therefore we only need someone for this year only. There's no way they'll go after Gomez and his $5 million salary, so those who are hoping the Pens grab him are barking up the wrong tree, plus they really haven't been paying attention to the situation at hand. There isn't much left out there right now, but I personally would take a chance on Allison for a 1-year deal similar to what the Stars offered Eric Lindros. I've wanted Perreault from the beginning for his faceoff prowess alone, so I wouldn't be against that either. But more than likely, Malone will be moved to center and they'll probably keep Michel Ouellet on the right wing rather than bring in a Carter or Sykora, who to my surprise are still on the market. But one way or the other, we're screwed this season with Malkin staying over in Russia, thanks to the friggin Russian mob.

Here's the link to the Gonchar comments:
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