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Default Re: Big Ben is da man!

Originally Posted by Go_Cats
To me, I dont see how we can get on your nerves atleast we're not bandwagon Steeler or Patriot fans
It gets on my nerves because I live in Dayton OH and EVERY year (yes even in the 90s) I hear the crap from the Bengals fans in the offseason. Then slowly (with the exception of the past 2 yrs.) I can hardly find a Bengal fan anywhere when the season gets underway and reality hits! Oh yah, how come in Dayton (1 hour tops from Cinci) there were never any Bengal things in any stores around here (again exception of past 2 yrs.) It was ALL Steelers and Browns stuff. Not to mention, you guys talk your crap every year, but never used to sell out your games (I think it was 2 yrs. or 3 yrs. ago when you guys were supposed to be so didn't even sell out your HOME OPENER) So lets talk about Bandwagoners...for the most part the Steelers have some of the most devoted fans in the NFL...hell it shows even at away games...we have fans every where and we stick by them no matter what!
Now on the positive note, this is not referring to all of you by any means...but you have to admit, all of a sudden there are a bunch of so-called Bengals fans coming out of the wood work. I have met some great devoted fans of the Bengals (esp. at the lair) that seem to be completely devoted to the team through everything (and that includes you). And all those people have the right to be excited and proud of the improvements and recent accomplishments. I just can't stand people that talk their crap, but then hide when things don't go as expected!
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