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Default Re: Lets look at the schedule...national tv..

Originally Posted by BigBen2WardPITT
I live in the washington DC area, so i dont get to see all the games. Luckily a lot of games are on National Tv this year, however, other then the rip off that is directv sunday ticket, what else is there? Is there anything else? I know field pass which is radio, but thats just a desperate move for me. I could go to the local steelers bar, yes, but other then that, what options do i have?

the nfl needs to make NFLTV like MLBTV on the internet...
Well...I wouldn't call it a rip off. Depends on where you live. I drive 45 minutes at 5:45 AM (still dark out) to go watch live games with Steeler Faithful.

I'm force fed Raider and 49er games on the networks. Not anymore. If I calculate the number of hours of entertainment I'll be getting this season including the chance to record Steeler games then for me it's worth it. Plus I split it.

I still be making the 1 1/2 hour trek to watch the Steeler games with the Faithful (highest gas prices in the US too). Thankfully fewer games will require me to get up before the birds this season.
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