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Default Re: Big Ben is da man!

Originally Posted by Go_Cats
I agree, but its easy for you guys to be devoted when you are one of the most winningest franchises in the league. You guys havent had to face a 10 year playoff drought and being considered the laughing stock of the NFL. I realize you guys have had alot of disappointments yourselves though, probably even more than us, becuase we havent had high expectations for our team in a while. I thought our attendence has been pretty good ever since we got Paul Brown stadium, considering how bad we have played in recent years, alot of our most loyal fans gave up. It also hurts that we're never on nationalized television, people like myself who don't live in ohio have trouble watching the games.
Cats-yes, your attendance is much better! It is still suprising to see how many Steeler fans are at the games when we are in town! It's been like that since my Dad started attending those games in '79. You never go to Pittsburgh and see the stadium overtaken by any fans.
The main thing you asked why Bengals fans can annoy me...well the main thing is even through this playoff drought, I still hear crap every single offseason.
I understand it must be hard to be a Bengal fan at times (esp. in the 90s) and I commend you for being very loyal and devoted to your team!
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