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Default Re: NFL Network Replay: Steelers-NYGiants

Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
I thought the 1st string offense looked stellar. They moved the ball down the field with ease. I don't really care if Landry Jones sucks because chances are we will never see him. If it was first string vs first string like a reg. season game we win that game. Dri archer showed even though hes tiny we can whip a big play out and bell looked really good making big gains every time he ran the ball, big ben was excellent. I don't see what everyone is complaining about. Even our defense looked good, they made the one big mistake on the first drive but I think fundamentally they looked good. People put way to much stock in watching painter drive the ball down the field and go 7-7 against our 3rd string defense that didn't even have their heads in the game.
Don't jinx it dude.
No guarantees. The holding on Timmons was only part of it - it happens all the time. I'm a little agitated on that run play because the defense has given up a lot of big plays the past couple seasons. If you can't stop the run in a 3-4, everything else falls apart.

I am anxious as hell to see what Mitchell could do - he looked rusty as hell, which, is to be expected. I hope he gets on the same page with Troy and FAST.

I basically have the same feeling I had before the game - "??????" I really don't know what to expect. The Dri Archer play was pretty, but, not finishing is agitating as hell.

Anyways - here's to hoping we see a few TDs out of the first Team O before Wk1 and no more big plays in limited time by First team D.
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