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Default Re: Team needs a mentality shift

Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
You are only as good as the players you have. I agree it is much harder to keep a nucleus of good players together now than before. All you hear now is cap,cap,cap. That is why good coaching now is more important than ever. It is also why most games are much closer than before. Cap concerns make teams more equal in talent.
And yet there are teams that are consistently top tier and teams that are consistently bottom tier, and teams that are consistently middle of the road. There are teams that lock themselves into cycles of salary cap Hell for years to get a championship shot, and then there are teams, (Miami) who attempt such a thing and end up with a team full of Mike Wallaces and no shot at a championship, and an unmanageable salary cap down the road.

Still I like the salary cap. It gives Cleveland and Detroit false hope for a few weeks every year, but honestly it does mean that every team has a chance to right the ship.

As far as getting 3 in a row, I guess it depends on how big a check you write to Der Kommisar, (New England).
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