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Default PIT vs NE - AFCCG Poem

Last Saturday at Heinz Field with a nearly record breaking crowd
Almost 65,000 fans - boy was it loud

This was the AFC Divisional Playoff game
To see the Steelers play the Jets again is why we came

The stadium was full of black and gold wearing fans
Screaming & yelling with Terrible Towels in their hands

It started off with the Steelers up by ten
By the end it proved to be a bad day for Big Ben

If it wasn't for our defense and two bad kicks by Brien
The Jets would have won and we would be cryin'

A win is a win but that was last week
Now we move on and another victory is what we seek

We watched on Sunday to see who our next opponent would be
Just as we guessed it's the Patriots led by Brady

The game is a rematch - call it Halloween II
Last time we totally dominated Brady & crew

The excuse they used was that Dillon wasn't in
With or without Dillon we know we can win

As long as they play like they did last time
Then I'll get a chance to write a Superbowl rhyme

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you choose
This is the year of the Steelers - they refuse to lose

So, as the words of the Visa commercial would say

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