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Default Re: Steelers Always Make Good Decisions

I dont think anyone had an arguement about going after him in the draft. I think everyone expected more out of him as a player and wanted him to develope into that mold of a Hines Ward who plays every down and takes pride in his work. As Burris said, "I just didnt fit in ther ". The Steelers fans respect someone for going out on every play amd giving it everything and we watch for those things, even with the back ups and the 3rd stringers. Burris didnt have the heart or the desire in my opinion. No questions from me about drafting him, and certainly no questions from me when we let him go. Every team makes mistakes on players, but we do a pretty good job of letting them go on when they dont work out. I am just hoping that Holmes will be more in the Ward mold than the Burris one.
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