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Default Re: Steelers Always Make Good Decisions

Originally Posted by TheTruestBlackGoldFan
I understand what you mean when you say "Plexiglass" but take back a few of his catches in 04' and we dont win 15 games second to only the 72' Dolphins. Take back that season where he caught 60 balls in 2003...we may not be looking at Bill Cower right now if we had done any worse that year. He went over 1000 yards twice over 4 td's all but his rookie year with us. those are all more than randel el's ever done and people say we cant win without him. Bullshit. This was the first year of that option pass if i can recall correctly we won 13 straight games with a rookie and no option passes in 04'. (sorry i got lost in a fit of rage) I am not defending Plaxico I am just defending the Steelers choice to get him. He was a dick and deserverd to catch nothing in a shutout in the playoffs last year. Alicia Keys said it best, karma comes back around!
I agree, when he first came in he was great had some mental lapses sometimes but he was a great down field receiver. The problem with him was his character and him thinking he was so great that it got to his head, which probably blind sided the Steelers so they did the right thing by letting him go.

At the time he was a great pick, but in long haul when you start looking at the character issues and what not the pick doesn't look all that great because people tend to remember only the bad and not the good.
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