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Default In your opinion, what made the 70's teams so great.....

In my opinion it was a combination of things.....1) Either Chuck Noll or the Rooneys were just that great at drafting college talent. 9 HOF selections in 5 drafts 1970-74. Almost EVERY player was home grown. Then again unrestricted free agency didn't exist back then. 2) The way Chuck Noll coached. He was much more philosophical than I ever thought. He coached under the great Don Shula in Baltimore. He explained to his team that the way they played would be a reflection of their efforts and also the way they lived their lives. Until recently, I never realized how great Chuck Noll was. 3) This is probably the biggest reason of all.....THE ROONEYS. When can you ever remember a teams' owner care so much about his players. The players cared so much about Art that they always did "whatever it takes" to win for him. The players never felt that winning was the most important thing. It was about family. That kind of committment does not exist today. Those teams were about TEAM. And I guess that's why I will always rant and rave about the Glory Days of the 1970's. Cause I know that I will never see another team like those in my lifetime.

"Life is a journey and you never arrive" Chuck Noll 1969-91
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