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Default Re: Whitlock calls out Weis

Originally Posted by Jeremy
It really depends on who you ask. Die hard Irish fans would dismiss that book because they'd say it was nothing more than a slam book written from one highly biased point of view. But it does bring up some troubling issues for ND fans. You might want to Google Luther Darville sometime to see what was going on at Minnesota when Holtz was there. There are also questions regarding steroids at ND under Holtz.
Solid response. I had to deal with sub-par when Tollner received a probation riddled program. The talent at SC underachieved for years (decades) - Tollner is a good coach. Mike Garrett is a cancer. He didn't hire Pete Carroll. Pete lobbied because his daughter was enrolled there. Not surprising that Garrett has been hushed - psycho (seriously).

C'mon. Paul Hackett. Nuff said about anyone willing to work with Garrett. Mike Stoops was the guy I would have gunned for and when I heard Pete's name I went for the kool-aid. We were all wrong, Now Stoops is at Airizona and his brother is in the hot seat. Go figure. That Orange Bowl crushed Bob.

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